The Coalition

Working together for individuals, families, and communities

The Coalition is composed of statewide organizations in North Carolina that are committed to assuring the availability of services and support for individuals who experience addictive diseases, mental illness, and developmental disabilities.

The Coalition advocates for consumers and families while representing those individuals and agencies that advocate or provide services.

Membership of the Coalition

Full membership is open to state-level, tax exempt, non-profit organizations whose primary mission is improving the lives of people with mental illness, developmental disabilities and addictive diseases. Full members shall have voting privileges on all issues, one vote per agency.

Affiliate membership is open to agencies who do not meet full membership criteria but who support. The Coalition’s mission of improving the lives of people with addictive diseases, mental illness and developmental disabilities.

The Coalition advocates for and seeks community services and supports that are accessible and timely for all North Carolinians with developmental disabilities, addictive diseases, and mental illness.

The Coalition will hold the state, LME/MCOs, and the legislature accountable for ensuring that quality services and supports are available for the North Carolina citizens who need them.

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